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Maja Bekan

Secret powers for identity, security and self-respect in troubling times_mix media installation

Instructions are a driving force in my work. I find it interesting to challenge their authority with some kind of failure of authority in the constructions that I manufacture. I do this by twisting the meanings of commercialized language and images. I am reflecting on their mis/interpretation, mis/function, mis/usage and mis/presentation in my work, by looking at the rhetoric of the commercial language and visual language that is used. Secret powers for identity, security and self-respect in troubling times is mixed media installation. Filmed session of 'home tanning ' (Spray me Gorgeous) is projected in a sitting area of the installation that is created as a waiting room, with magazines, water and comfortable chairs. Sound of sun-bed instructions  is heard on background speakers.

Healthy body, Healthy mind_ video installation

Healthy body, healthy mind questioned, with a pun, how thin the line is between healthy exercise and unhealthy addiction.The video installation consisted of two video pieces, shot in real time, the first was represented on a 71- inch TV monitor and it was shot in Belgrade, a typical aerobics class. The other video was projected on the screen 3x4 (m) and I used myself as a ’ repeater’ of exercises that I have never done before. My character mirrors the display on the TV and simultaneously tries to catch up with the instructions of the commanding voice of the aerobics instructor, whose subtitled words appear on the screen. I was focusing the attention of the viewer on the space between the two, the command and the action.

7 TV Days_ video installation

Installation consists of seven monitors. Each television represents one day of the week
in the life of my mum, typical consumer of TV programme. I recorded my mum without
her knowing it, every morning, every day of the week, in front of the TV while she’s
watching her favorite soap opera and drinking her coffee. It lasts 46 minutes, shoot in
real time, sound and subtitles are borrowed from South American TV soap opera


O meni

                  Maja Bekan is an artist based in Belgrade and Rotterdam. By working with different media, she explores the notion of free time, the use of it, its initiation, establishment and ritualisation. Investigating questions of lack and fulfillment of desire produced by popular culture, the work incorporates the language of amateur truths.  After her MA ( Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam), she co- founded with her former colleagues independent artist initiative ADA ( area for debate and art) Rotterdam in 2008.
                  Recent exhibitions includes: Waiting room, SYB Kunsthuis, Friesland 2009, Revisiting Belgrade, Hotle Kasina, Belgrade, 2008. My Travells with Berry, Tent, Rotterdam (2008); City Choreographies/Viewing
positions, The Nunnery screening, curated by Tracey Warr.  London 2008; Kunstvlaai API, Amsterdam (2008); Perfect Society, Schouwburg, Rotterdam (2008); Funeral, Villa Nuts, Den Haag (2007); Video installations, Museum of Herzegovina, Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina (2007); Hotel New York. Inquiry in location, Hotel New York, Rotterdam (2007); Healthy body, healthy mind, Filmhuis, The Hague (2006); Media Festival, Friesland, September 2006; 4th Student Triennial, Istanbul, Turkey (2006); Media, Art and Gender, Romania (2003); Intercultural Video art Exhibition, Video Generation from Europe & Japan, Tokyo (2002); Le festival des tres courts, Paris – Marseille – Nancy – Nantes (2002).



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